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The Reservation Destination Team

Travel_Namibia_The Reservation Destination Team Name:
Suzanne Bonitz

Managing Director
Marketing and Finances
Also Chief Cook and Bottle Washer!

Suzanne is passionate about ResDes
and determined to achieve great
things for it.

Suzanne is co-founder of ResDes

Travel_Namibia_The Reservation Destination Team Name:
Zenobia Kusch

Reservations Consultant
Guest Liason

To be with her family, Zenobia
currently works via our hotline
from Keetmanshoop - at a safe
distance from HQ fireworks!

Zenobia is co-founder of ResDes

Travel_Namibia_ Name:
Yolande Erasmus

Telephone Enquiries
Front Office • Deliveries
Primary Correspondent between
ResDes and Lodges

Loves talking! Yolande gets to
the phone first - an excellent
initial contact for many clients.

Yolande is a member of the cc



Travel_Namibia_ Name:
Judy Jacobs


Reservations Consultant
Guest Liaison and backup

Judy is earnest and efficient
in her endeavours - so much
so that her enthusiasm
occasionally overtakes her.

Judy joined us two years ago

Travel_Namibia_ Name:
Taatsu Lwaanda

Currently in Training

A strong personality and very
eager to learn, Taatsu has the
potential to make excellent
progress at ResDes.

Taatsu has signed up with the
Polytechnic of Namibia and
has only recently joined us

Travel_Namibia_ Name:
Linda Sarises

Hygeine Management
Keeping the office clean and tidy

Linda ensures the ResDes office
is ship-shape, all day, every day.
Excellent for our productivity.

Linda joined us 4 years ago



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Resdest team members in stable relationships with the local tourism bodies