Agama Lodge

Welcome to unequalled hospitality in the Namib Desert. At Agama Lodge we offer affordable accommodation for any budget: cosy chalets, a bar as well as a restaurant serving great food. Our guests tend to fall in love with the open-air swimming pool and the viewing deck which offers unhindered views of the central Namib Desert.

Q Discover

In this remote world of extremes, you discover the tiny jewel that is Agama Lodge, deriving its name from the first living creature to be seen when your hosts first set foot here - a brightly coloured lizard which will often be seen around the camp in both animal and art forms. More recently, newly built chalets have been added, incorporating touches of luxury alongside practicality, plus the option to sleep under the stars, or just to stargaze if you're entranced by the night-sky.

Q Relax

The chalets all stand well separated from each other, on the upper banks of the Dieprevier . Mountain Camp is an additional exclusive campsite about 6 km off the road at the foot of the Naukluft mountains. All Guests are welcome to enjoy the facilities of the central reception area, including our friendly Restaurant, the cosy bar, the cool swimming pool and the large viewing platform on top of the main building.

Mountain Camp
We also have an exclusive site at the foot of the Naukluft mountains. It is some 6 km from the road, situated beside an ancient river system. Its charm is accentuated by the proximity of the surrounding mountains and its remoteness.

Facilities include:-

Two showers and two toilets
Running water
Braai area
Sorry, no ice.

Q Explore

Apart from the opportunity to relax and unwind in idyllic surroundings, Agama Lodge is an ideal base for exploring two of the most dramatic and beautiful areas in Namibia - the iconic red dunes of Sossusvlei and the mountain scenery, flora and fauna of Naukluft Mountain Park.

Q Driving Directions

Agama Lodge is located just off the C19 road between Solitaire and Sesriem.
The best way to get there is to select your route to one or other of these places, then:
Lodge on the eastern (left) side of the road.

From Sesriem, drive north along the C19 for 48 km and you will find Agama on the eastern (right) side of the road.

If necessary, seek local advice on the best route to take from your starting point
to either Solitaire or Sesriem.

GPS Co-ordinates:

S 24° 08' 42.7" E 015° 57' 39.1"
-24.145194, 15.96861
1057 m above sea level

Q Facilities

Despite its remoteness, Agama Lodge offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services for all Guests including Campers at Mountain Camp.

You have the opportunity to live close to nature, to sense the scale of the cosmos, and to experience some of the world's most breathtaking and unspoilt natural sights - or sit back and enjoy the sun or shade with a cool drink by your side, taking an occasional dip in our sparkling pool, knowing that your every need is catered for. The choice is yours.

Our Facilities and Services include:-

Friendly Restaurant serving our excellent set menu of the day.
Chalet Guests may pre-order Breakfast Packs or Lunch in the Restaurant.

Fully licensed Bar for that essential cool drink and chat

Swimming Pool with a view, shaded terrace and seating

Sunset Viewing Deck with an even more spectacular view

Pre-arranged meals for groups, events or individuals
available on request

Breakfast packs available on request

We are always delighted to offer advice on visiting nearby attractions
or taking part in other external activities during your stay with us.

We are confident you will take home many unforgettable memories of
our region and Agama Lodge.

Q Activities

Sossusvlei: a Namibian icon
Namibia's highest sand dune is to be found at Sossusvlei. Whether or not it is the tallest in the world is a matter of some dispute - how do you measure the height of constantly moving sand? Nevertheless the stunning red dunes stretching to the horizon are an iconic image of Namibia. Not to be missed.

While there, don't forget to visit Deadvlei, a white clay pan between the enormous red dunes, where dead trees, up to 900 years old, starkly and stubbornly reach towards the vivid blue sky - a truly remarkable natural sculpture. Don't forget your camera!

Driving time: approximately 45 minutes to the main gateway.
An early start is strongly recommended.

Namib Naukluft Park: one of Namibia's most beautiful regions

Walkers: self-guided trails in the nearby Naukluft mountain foothills.

Hikers will enjoy the more adventurous trails starting from Naukluft itself:-

The Olive Trail (10 km) takes you to the top of the plateau and offers
spectacular views of black eagle nests on vertical red cliffs.

Q Chalets

The chalets are built in a rustic style on the upper banks of the Dieprevier river course.
They are very spacious, comfortably furnished and well decorated with a local African influence, offering Guests all they need during their stay.

Two chalets are linked as a family unit by a door which may be locked.

Travel-Namibia - Agama Lodge Accommodation

Chalets offer the following facilities:
Two three-quarter size (large single) beds with side tables, lamps and two chairs
Extra blankets for cold nights
Open storage cupboard, wall-mounted dressing table/desk
Spacious en-suite shower-room with basin and mirror
Separate toilet with solid door
Electric fan and emergency lamp
Verandah with two chairs
Solid upstairs deck where Guests may sleep under the stars or simply enjoy the view during the day or night.

If you wish to sleep on the roof deck, please request it in advance. You may return downstairs if it gets too cold during the night!