Fort Sesfontein Lodge

The lodge Fort Sesfontein – located in a wilderness area far from civilization – offers all modern facilities which guests may expect today. You will enjoy luxury with historical background. The central court of the lodge is planted with palm trees and has a generous pool. The former officer’s mess has been refurbished as a restaurant with integrated lodge and bar.

In 1896 the government of what was then German South-West Africa built Fort Sesfontein (six fountains) as a checkpoint for keeping in check cattle disease, illegal hunting and arms smuggling.

The Fort was abandoned in 1914 and only ruins and a small army cemetery still stood witness to the former presence of troops in Sesfontein.

Q Safaris

The safari program of Fort Sesfontein with day trips into the Kaokoveld gives access to one of the most untouched areas in Namibia and also Africa. After breakfast, you start your expedition from the Fort with your local guide either in an open game-viewer or in a closed vehicle and you feel the wilderness and adventure.

From multiple and impressing alternatives we have chosen three safaris which we offer our guests as day trips.

All tours are organized in small groups only, with 4x4 vehicles owned by the Fort accompanied by guides who are familiar with local facilities. Lunch bags and beverages are included in all tours.

After your return to the Fort, you feel safe and comfortable again and dream your African dream.

Q Overview

Sesfontein is a small settlement in the Kunene region and derives its name from the six fountains which have their source here.

Fort Sesfontein Lodge is probably the most well-known landmark in the area and was originally erected in 1896 as a police checkpoint, after engagement with the local communities, to control cattle disease, smuggling and illegal hunting of elephants and rhinos.

Today comfortable accommodation and an excellent bar and restaurant service is available to up to 44 guests. Located in an arid area between Damaraland and Kaokoveld it offers an oasis with the palm trees offering welcome shade and an enormous pool.

Q Directions

Sesfontein is situated in the north western part of Namibia. The distance from Kamanjab is approx 233 km via the C40/43 road. The gravel roads are in good condition and can be used also by sedan car and mini-bus. Between November and March we recommend a 4x4 vehicle.

Distance from Windhoek 640 km
Distance from Kamanjab 230 km
Distance from Khorixas 275 km
Distance from Opuwo 130 km

Lodge GPS Co-ordinates: -19.119505,13.619381
Airstrip: 1700m long gravel runway Co-ordinates: 2200 ft; S 19° 06,1’; E013° 38,9’