Ohange Namibia Lodge

Ohange Lodge is the destination for anyone seeking to make the most of the tranquillity for which Namibia is famous. The name Ohange is derived from the Herero word ‚peace‘. Whether you while away the time watching nature‘s television from the restaurant and patio, or prefer to soak up the sun on the pool terrace with a refreshing drink in hand, Ohange will rejuvenate your soul and tantalize your senses. Guests are invited to a home-cooked meal beneath the twinkling stars while enjoying the local night wildlife at the waterhole. Let the warmth of the blazing camp fire surround you, while your hosts Karla and Justus entertain you with their experiences and vast knowledge of Namibia. Whether you are an ardent birder or a trigger happy camera-man, Ohange ensures a memorable vacation with a number of activities to cater for all walks of life, families, romantic break-away, the young and the wise.

Q Overview

Stop for a moment and dream . . .

Take yourself to the oldest mountains in Namibia.

Imagine a small wooded area populated by a wide variety of native trees providing shade from the sun.

Then make a clearing in the middle of the trees, and build yourself a small encampment. A central communal Lodge building with a nearby pool and terrace, and private rustic mountain huts dotted around the area, each with panoramic views over the mountains and the Lodge's waterhole.

Wild animals frequently wander into the camp to drink at the waterhole, to investigate the inhabitants, reciprocating their stares, and grazing lazily amongst the trees.

You find yourself sitting around a blazing camp fire, sipping a refreshing drink or enjoying a sumptuous meal, and glowing inside and outside.

. . . is this your idea of heaven?

If so, Ohange is for you . . .

Situated 28km north of Otavi in the heart of the Otavi Mountains, Ohange Lodge is a mountain retreat shaded by large Marula and Tamboti trees, overlooking a landscape as breathtaking as it is peaceful.

Whether you while away the time watching game at the waterhole close to the restaurant and patio, or prefer to soak up the sun on the pool terrace with a refreshing drink in hand, Ohange will refresh your soul and tantalize your senses.

"Ohange" is derived from the Herero word for "peace".

Q Driving Direction

Ohange Namibia Lodge is situated in the Otavi Mountains on the tarred B1 main highway, approximately 28km north of Otavi and 30km south of Tsumeb.

Driving Directions to Ohange:-

From Windhoek - take the main B1 road northwards

From Etosha or Ondangwa follow the B1 south-east

From Rundu take the B8 south-west, then the B1 north

The gateway to Ohange Lodge is on the eastern side of the B1, about half-way between Otavi and Tsumeb. The beautiful drive from the gate to the Lodge is about 3km and good enough for non-4x4 vehicles.

This map is a basic guide to minor roads close to Ohange.
The D3022 joins the B1 3km south of Ohange gateway.

Nearby Places of Interest

A short drive from Ohange are the Gaub Caves, with some spectacular formations and rock paintings. The site is not commercialised, so you should be prepared to 'rough it' a bit to take the 1 hour tour. Worth it for those interested.

Lake Otjikoto is a natural curiosity - a subterranean pool, exposed by a collapsed roof, where Germans dumped artillery and, so legend has it, a safe full of gold bullion . . . a favourite for divers . . . the safe has never been found! . . . yet.

The Hoba Meteorite - the largest in the world composed mainly of metal, in this case iron and nickel. Close to Grootfontein and not far off the road - certainly worth a quick look if you're nearby.

The Khorab Memorial marks the First World War ceasefire signed at Khorab in 1915. Hidden away - seek advice!

Q Facilities

The Lodge
Our central Lodge building houses reception, bar, restaurant (eat inside or outside), communal lounge and it also sports an attractive verandah.

The Pool
Close to the Lodge, our large pool always offers an inviting way to cool off, either in the water or on the terrace with a drink nearby . . .

The Restaurant
Our superb meals are home-cooked and served inside or outside. In the evening you can dine in the light and warm glow of a blazing fire, perhaps sighting occasional animal visitors.

Q Activities

The peaceful tranquility of Ohange Lodge beseeches you to relax and soak up its ambience.

Ohange is a perfect retreat from the outside world and every moment you spend here you are pampered and encouraged to embrace its serenity.

However, there are more exciting things to do even here.

To entice you away from the cool of the pool or the shade of the Lodge verandah we organise exhilarating morning nature walks and afternoon game-viewing drives in search of Eland, Damara Dik-dik, Giraffe, Burchell's Zebra, Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, Waterbuck, Impala, Black Wildebeest, Kudu, Oryx, Cheetah and many more . . .

If you prefer a more leisurely approach, you are invited to take a guided hike or horse-ride to explore the area - an ideal way to discover some of the extraordinarily abundant bird-life. Or the more adventurous could go out on foot without a guide.

After dusk we venture out to search for the treasures of the night - Bushbabies (or "nagapies" meaning little night monkeys), Porcupines, Genet, Owls and Nightjars. With luck we might even encounter a free-roaming Leopard!

Beyond the bounds of Ohange Mounain Lodge, you may drive to arguably the finest game-viewing park in Africa - Etosha National Park (1.5 hours), to the Gaub Caves (<1 hour), Lake Otjikoto (<1 hour) or Hoba, the Largest Metallic Meteorite in the World (1 hour).

Q Accommodation

Ten Bungalows and 2 Family Chalet (Unique African style)
En-suite facilities with shower
Ceiling room fan
Twin Beds
Verandah overlooking waterhole and mountains
Simple, rustic, comfortable furnishings and decoration

The huts are spaced between the shady trees for privacy but linked by paved and lighted footpaths to the central Lodge and swimming pool. In the character of traditional African huts they are pleasantly cool during the day and warm at night due to their construction of substantial plastered stone walls and thatched roof.

Here you can relax in the peaceful and tranquil surroundings well away from the hustle and bustle you may have encountered on your travels or activities elsewhere. Our attentive staff are always on hand to cater for your needs.

Three Self-Catering Stable Rooms (Stalle)
Simple, economic twin-bedded accommodation
Communal ablution and cooking facilities

Two Campsite close to central Lodge
Communal ablution and cooking facilities