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Travel-Namibia-Agama River Camp Accommodation
Ten Rustic Chalets
  • The chalets are built in a rustic style on the upper banks of the Dieprevier river course.
  • They are very spacious, comfortably furnished and well decorated with a local African influence, offering Guests all they need during their stay.
  • Eight chalets stand 25 metres apart from each other for privacy.
  • Two chalets are linked as a family unit by a door which may be locked.
Travel-Namibia-Agama River Camp Accommodation
Chalets offer the following facilities:-
  • Two three-quarter size (large single) beds with side tables, lamps and two chairs
  • Extra blankets for cold nights
  • Open storage cupboard, wall-mounted dressing table/desk
  • Spacious en-suite shower-room with basin and mirror
  • Separate toilet with solid door
  • Electric fan and emergency lamp
  • Verandah with two chairs
  • Solid upstairs deck where Guests may sleep under the stars or simply enjoy the view during the day or night.
Travel-Namibia-Agama River Camp Accommodation

If you wish to sleep on the roof deck, please request it in advance. You may return downstairs if it gets too cold during the night!

Agama River Camp is fortunate in being connected to reliable mains power, so normally there are no restrictions on the use of electricity at any time of day or night.

The central Reception area facilities are open to all Guests.

Campsites and Mountain Camp

Travel-Namibia-Agama River Camp Accommodation
Eight Campsites well spaced along the lower Dieprevier river course, away from the Chalets.
  • Terraced and levelled with clean river sand
  • Shaded by large acacia trees
  • Wooden paling windscreen, offers some privacy
  • Free-standing tap and washing-up facility
  • Braai with grid (barbecue)
  • 12 volt energy-saving light (to use car battery)
  • Tents, bedding, crockery, cutlery and limited firewood available for a modest fee if required. Sorry, no ice.
Communal Facilities
The Campsites share two unique spacious, clean communal ablution blocks (one male, one female). Each houses six showers, six wash basins, three flushing toilets, four mirrors and one bath.
Hot water is provided by a donkey (wood burning boiler) from 17:00 hrs. Mains lighting all night.

Why Unique? - they are open to the skies!


Travel-Namibia-Agama River Camp Accommodation
Mountain Camp
In addition to our main campsites, we also have an exclusive site at the foot of the Naukluft mountains. It is some 6 km from the road, situated beside an ancient river system. Its charm is accentuated by the proximity of the surrounding mountains and its remoteness.

Facilities include:-
  • Two showers and two toilets
  • Running water
  • Braai area
  • Tents, bedding, crockery, cutlery, limited firewood available for a modest fee if required. Sorry, no ice.

The facilities at Agama River Camp are open to all Campers at the Campsites and at Mountain Camp.


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