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  • Sossusvlei: a Namibian icon
  • Namibia's highest sand dune is to be found at Sossusvlei.  Whether or not it is the tallest in the world is a matter of some dispute - how do you measure the height of constantly moving sand?  Nevertheless the stunning red dunes stretching to the horizon are an iconic image of Namibia.  Not to be missed.

    While there, don't forget to visit Deadvlei, a white clay pan between the enormous red dunes, where dead trees, up to 900 years old, starkly and stubbornly reach towards the vivid blue sky - a truly remarkable natural sculpture.  Don't forget your camera!

    Driving time: approximately 45 minutes to the main gateway.
    An early start is strongly recommended.

  • Namib Naukluft Park: one of Namibia's most beautiful regions

    Walkers: self-guided trails in the nearby Naukluft mountain foothills.

    Hikers will enjoy the more adventurous trails starting from Naukluft itself:-

    • The Olive Trail (10 km) takes you to the top of the plateau and offers
      spectacular views of black eagle nests on vertical red cliffs.

    • The Waterkloof Trail (17 km) reveals miraculously cold mountain
      streams and crystal clear pools - all in apparently waterless terrain.

    • There are more ambitious 4-8 day hikes (up to 120 km), with camping
      overnight, for groups of 3-12 people.  Note that these involve strict
      regulations and controls, to maximise your safety in the wilderness.

    NOTE: The 8-day hike is considered the toughest in southern Africa!

    Hiking details: click here Naukluft Hiking

    4x4 Drivers and Nature Enthusiasts can take the challenging
    24 hour 4x4 Nature Trail (73 km), with overnight camping.
    This exclusive trail has limited access so reservations must be
    made in advance (in Windhoek).

    4x4 Trail details: click here
    open Nature Trail 4x4


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