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A little miracle
set amidst the glowing red dunes
of the Kalahari Desert

Welcome to Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

Travel_Namibia_Welcome to Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

The French word "bagatelle" translates as a trifle - "something small, of little consequence, not very important".

When you visit the southern Kalahari, the word "Bagatelle" might possibly be interpreted as
a little miracle - a life-enhancing experience springing from the glowing red dunes of this arid, fiery desert.

For this is what has been achieved at Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch - a permanent, man-made reflection of the miracle that transforms the dry desert into a brief blaze of living colour after rainfall.

Built amid and atop the huge red parallel Kalahari dunes, Bagatelle's luxury chalets and rooms stand defiant against the relentless sun and the searing wind.  Inside they exude charm, tranquility and creature comforts to pamper you during your stay, ensuring you lack nothing, yet still experience an exhilarating thrill reminiscent of the traditional Safari Experience, the Spirit of Africa and The Final Frontier, all in one.

Once you drag yourself away from your chalet or room, we have other delights to tempt you.  More relaxation comes by way of a hammock at the side of the swimming pool.  Or relax with a cool drink close to the waterhole, keeping your eyes peeled and binoculars ready, for visiting animals.

Another option is a nature drive to explore the amazing beauty of the unique red dunes, or a sundowner atop a dune as the sun dies, adding its own ever-changing colour and drama to the landscape. And we haven't even mentioned the cheetahs . . .

Coupled with our gracious, charming service these, and more, are the unforgettable memories our Guests take away from Bagatelle.

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