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Welcome to Corona Guest Farm

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Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the daily routine, away from the hassle of travelling. Get away from everything . . .

. . . Corona Guest Farm is remote!

Situated mid-way between Windhoek and the Atlantic coast, Corona Guest Farm sits quietly in the centre of a plateau skirted to the east by the massive Gamsberg Mountain - at 2347m (7,700 ft),
the fourth highest in Namibia.  Gamsberg is sometimes referred to locally as 'Table Mountain' because of its relatively flat and level peak.

Here Corona's owners have generated their own little oasis, a traditionally styled farmhouse and secondary buildings surrounded by a garden of abundance, colourful flowers, and tall trees offering plenty of shade. 

During your stay you will be treated generously - as part of the family.  Accommodation varies from grand split-level suites to standard rooms separate from the main house, and four en-suite tents positioned well away from the buildings.  Corona has an excellent reputation for its delicious cuisine, well cooked and presented.

Travelling to Corona you will get some sense of its beautiful unspoilt scenery as you drive through the spectacular Gamsberg Pass from the east, or approach through the foothills from the west.  Once you arrive you can absorb the grandeur of your surroundings more fully with a cool drink by the delightful swimming pool overlooking the plateau - Gamsberg looming behind you.

When you've wound down to the quiet and peaceful nature of your surroundings, you may start thinking about what you can do at Corona.  The answer is plenty!  It's more a question of how much you can manage to do during your stay.  There is plenty of scope for the more energetic Guests and much to do of a more relaxing nature.  Children are welcome and will also find plenty to amuse them.

When it comes to leaving, you won't want to . . . but your senses, your body and soul will be revived, relaxed and ready to re-join the world outside, after your sojourn at one of Namibia's most beautiful guest farms: Corona Guest Farm - 'the Jewel of Gamsberg'.


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one of Namibias most beautiful guest farms: Corona Guest Farm - the Jewel of Gamsberg