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  • Mahango National Game Park Safari
    Mahango National Park is only a 10 minute drive from Divava Okavango Resort and offers outstanding opportunities to sight many species, including four of 'The Big Five' - Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard are plentiful and easy to spot. The relatively small size of Mahango Game Park makes it ideal for a visit lasting just a few hours, and it is therefore a 'must-do' adventure when you visit Divava. You can drive your own vehicle in the park, or you may join one of our Game Drives, which offers the benefits of riding in a purpose-built vehicle driven by an experienced guide who can tell you everything you need to know about what you see, and about the Park and its inhabitants.

  • Buffalo Game Park Safari Drive
    Buffalo Game Park is not always accessible during the rainy season when the Okavango River level is high. However, it is definitely worth visiting in the drier seasons when Elephant, Buffalo, Crocodiles and Roan Antelope are likely to be sighted along with many of almost 400 bird species that frequent the western Caprivi region.


  • River-Boat Safari
    Either our small or large river boat will take you on an exciting cruise along the Okavango River where you can discover Hippos, Crocodiles and more at close quarters, as well as a wide variety of birds - and much more!
    On the way, your knowledgeable Guide will point out many interesting animals and features of the river-scape, and answer your questions about the amazing eco-system of the Okavango River and the surrounding area.
    An afternoon cruise concludes by taking you up-stream from the Resort to the Popa Falls where you will enjoy refreshments and a cool sundowner while watching the magical African sunset, before drifting gently back to the Lodge as daylight fades.


  • Mokoro Boat Trip
    The Mokoro is the traditional and primary form of Okavango river transport - a 'dug-out canoe' carved from the trunk of a Jackalberry, Sausage or other suitable local tree.
    You can experience this primitive and silent craft for yourself in the hands of an experienced guide who will demonstrate his skills and explain both the boat and your surroundings.  You may also be able to spot many of the river creatures and birds who are less intimidated by the Mokoro than by a larger motor-driven boat.

  • Popa Falls Sundowners, Boat Cruises and Island Dinners
    Only a few hundred metres from Divava Lodge, the Falls provide an enchanting 'musical backdrop' to relaxing or dining in the Lodge.
    Although the Popa Falls are modest in size compared with others in Namibia, they provide a beautiful setting for our Sundowner Boat Cruises or Island Dinners, and are well worth a visit by river, or on foot - it is possible to boulder-hop when the water level is low enough . . .
    Why not arrange your very own Island Dining Experience!

  • Fishing
    Fishing in the Okavango River is another fun activity at Divava for beginners and experienced anglers alike. Within a few hours you could catch some of the world's most unusual species, such as Tigerfish, Tilapia and Catfish.

  • Traditional Village Tour
    The Kavango inhabitants will welcome you into their village and show you how they grow crops, prepare food, drinks and much more. Here you will gain an insight into their traditional way of life, learn about their culture and watch their traditional dances.

  • Birding
    The Okavango region is renowned for its birdlife and is a 'paradise' for all Birders. The expert is likely to sight rare species unique to the area and anyone can expect to add a significant number of species to their own list.


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