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Location and How to Get to Etusis Lodge

Travel_Namibia_Location and How to Get to Etusis Lodge
  • From Windhoek or Swakopmund

Drive on the B2 until you reach the town of Karibib. Between the Henkert Souvenirs Shop and the Police Station turn south (road sign posted C32 Namib Naukluft). At the first intersection turn right. You will pass the Erongoblick on the left hand side at the first road turn left (sign posted as the C32) after 19Km the turn off to Etusis lodge is on the right hand side of the road. Turn right and continue on the farm road for another 16Km until you reach the lodge.

  • From the C28 / Namib Naukluft Park

From the C28 turn north onto the C32. Drive for 77 Km until you see the road sign indicating Etusis Lodge to the left. Turn left and continue for 16Km on the farm road.

  • During the Rainy Season (January to April)

Please contact us during the rainy season for an update on road conditions.

  • Arriving by Mainliner Bus? - or need transport to or from the Lodge?

Transfers available on request, but please pre-arrange them.

  • Travelling by Light Aircraft?

Etusis Lodge Airstrip Co-ordinates:
S 22° 11' .131 E 15° 45' .229 Altitude: 3,561 ft.

  • Have a Safe Journey!




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