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Location and How to Get to Goibib Mountain Lodge

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Goibib Mountain Lodge is situated on the eastern side of the B1 blacktop main road from Windhoek to Cape Town.
Goibib Mountain Lodge is in a malaria-free area.
  • From Windhoek Goibib is 112km south of Keetmanshoop
  • From South Africa Goibib is 48km north of Grunau

Local Places of Interest within 2 hours' drive:-

  • Ais-Ais Hot Springs - Thermal springs, relaxing bathing pools and tennis courts (the centre is closed November- February due to extreme temperatures).
  • Quiver Tree Forest - 250 trees used by the San people to make arrow quivers - best seen in June and July for their bright yellow flowers.
  • Giants' Playground - A natural sculpture park where huge blocks of grey-black dolerite resemble play bricks stacked on each other by giants.
  • Fish River Canyon - Spectacular Indeed ! Second only in size to USA's Grand Canyon, it's Africa's largest - by far.
  • Brukaros Volcanic Crater - Ancient and extinct, but an amazing spectacle appreciated by everyone who visits it.




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