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Like any capital city, Windhoek has many attractions , and 
the surrounding area also offers a multitude of opportunities.

Altogether these are sufficient to satisfy almost any interest.

Below we list just a few suggestions to whet your appetite . . .   

  • Windhoek: Namibia’s capital, and gateway to the country’s world-famous natural beauty, national parks and wildlife.

  • Christuskirche: Famous picture-postcard landmark (1910).

  • Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve: 24km west of Windhoek, an ideal day-trip to view many game species in tranquil bushland.

  • National Botanic Garden of Namibia: A peaceful oasis housing specimens of many of Namibia’s indigenous plant-life.

  • Catu Tours: Visit Katatura Township on a bicycle - a safe, fun, eco-friendly way to experience and learn about this area. 

  • National Art Gallery: Displays of mainly visual arts.

  • Restaurants:  Name your choice of food - and somewhere you will find it! But remember you’re in Cattle Country!

  • Street Markets: Post Street Mall specialises in attractive craftwork. The corner of Independence/Castro Streets has lots to offer.  

  • Sport: Ask us about Gyms, Golf, Swimming, Running . . .


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