Activities at Huab Lodge

Travel_Namibia_Activities at Huab Lodge Travel_Namibia_Activities at Huab Lodge

    • A Walk at Sunrise
    • Your enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide will show you the minutiae of nature's daily life - known as "reading the bushman newspaper".

    • Morning Drive - After Breakfast
    • Discover more of our 8,000 hectare private nature reserve, its ever-changing views of the geological formations and the life within them.

    • Afternoon Drive
    • Visit another area, such as the Huab River, attracting animals and birds with its life-giving water.  You might spot klipspringer, rock hyrax, kudu or even nesting black eagles.  Follow the tracks of desert elephants, search for nearly 200 species of birds, and wonder at ancient rock art.

    • Hiking - Something for Everyone
    • From short walks near to the Lodge, to game trails from the Lodge to mountain peaks, with or without a guide.  Phenomenal views from the Brandberg to the Grootberg, yet easy navigation thanks to the lie of the land and river.  Excellent photo opportunities especially in the morning and evening light.  We can provide essential equipment such as hip water carriers, cool drinks and snack and walking sticks.

    • And in your spare time . . .
    • There's the Spa and Wellness Centre, the thermal spring and plunge pool, relaxing by the swimming pool with an occasional dip to keep cool . . . and there's much to learn about the Conservation Projects run by and from the Lodge . . .

Make sure you stay with us long enough to see and do everything we offer . . .


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