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Nawa Nawa Art to celebrate creativity Nawa Nawa Art building rubble

Nawa Nawa Art
To conserve what has previously been rejected or destroyed is inspiring, cutting edge and a necessity for our own survival.

It is the mission of Nawa Nawa Art to celebrate creativity, resourcefulness and love for our planet by focusing on recycling, re-using and sourcing art from Namibian artists.  Produced from sustainable resources, these artworks demonstrate that it is possible to be both crafty, creative and environmentally friendly by taking one person's junk and fashioning it into another person's treasure.

The Nawa Nawa Art building is itself a statement to this mission, mostly created out of building rubble, old drums and reeds from the riverbed by Omaruru resident Trevor Nott and his building team.

Let yourself be inspired by the artists in this gallery, who made something unique out of the ordinary, or gave a lost object another chance and made it into something "Nawa Nawa", which in the Oshiwambo language means "very very good".

Nawa Nawa Art specialises in:-
  • Innovative, exclusively sourced, high quality Namibian Art and Crafts
  • Limited edition prints and original paintings
  • Unique furniture and interior design objects
  • Rare African tribal antiques • Sculptures
  • Artists featured at the Nawa Nawa Art Centre:-
    Thelma van Rhyn • Annette Niedermeier • Martie Zwemmer


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