Activities at Kunene River Lodge

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  • White Water Rafting
  • Kunene River Lodge operates Namibia's leading Rafting Adventure Centre where novices and experts alike can enjoy a thrilling taster through the rapids of the spectacular Ondorusu Gorge, a two day adventure from Ruacana through the Gorge to the Lodge, or a tailor-made camping expedition paddling 100 km down-stream for up to four days, from the Lodge to Epupa Falls.  All under the expert supervision of our fully-trained resident Guides.

    The last of these trips offers a unique opportunity to discover the rugged interior of north-west Namibia by river, where few have ventured before.  Sense the excitement and romance of the early days of African exploration while absorbing the peace, solitude and grandeur of this vast wilderness; sleep under the stars in this timeless lost world where the mighty river flows relentlessly through such stunning scenery - in places still, deep and mirror-smooth - elsewhere, raging white through rocky gorges.

    Allow enough time with us to experience this 'Adventure of a Lifetime'!

  • Birding
  • Kunene River Lodge is a Birder's dream! Our sighting list is now approaching 300 and ornithologists are almost guaranteed to add to their own counts with some of the rarer species endemic in the region, or sightings of unusual visitors such as the Narina Trogon or the Angolan Bocagei sub-species of the Yellow-bellied Waxbill.

    With the discovery of the first Cinderella Waxbill nest in the wild, from which five chicks were successfully raised, we are now achieving very high success rates at sighting this very rare species which inhabits only the area alongside the Kunene River some 50-100 km up- and down-stream of the Lodge.

    And there are many other species of great interest to be found in the area . . .
    Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush, Grey Kestrel, Bare-cheeked Babbler . . .

  • Himba Cultural Visit
  • Take the opportunity to experience first-hand a way of life which dates back centuries. Visit a traditional Himba family living as they always have - and as they wish to continue.

    Kunene River Lodge is proud to work in conjunction with the local Himba population as partners in the Kunene Conservancy with the aim of encouraging sustainable tourism.  The Lodge is currently the only tourism-based contributor to the Conservancy and funds a number of game guards in the region to support an ongoing WWF sponsored programme which is re-introducing several important mammal species including Kudu, Giraffe, Zebra and the endangered Black-faced Impala.

  • Early Morning Birding Cruises
  • What better way to start the day than to steer silently along the river at dawn with a knowledgeable guide pointing out - who knows what?  Including welcome refreshment.

  • Sundowner Cruises
  • Africa's fabulous sunsets are legendary - and they look even better from the water - especially with a sundowner in your hand!  And, it's also a good time to spot wild-life.

  • Other Activities
  • Walking, hiking and swimming - or try your skills at canoeing or fishing.


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