Where tranquility
and wildlife collide...


Welcome to Ohange Namibia Lodge

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Stop for a moment and dream . . .

Take yourself to the oldest mountains in Namibia.

Imagine a small wooded area populated by a wide variety of native trees providing shade from the sun.

Then make a clearing in the middle of the trees, and build yourself a small encampment.  A central communal Lodge building with a nearby pool and terrace, and private rustic mountain huts dotted around the area, each with panoramic views over the mountains and the Lodge's waterhole.

Wild animals frequently wander into the camp to drink at the waterhole, to investigate the inhabitants, reciprocating their stares, and grazing lazily amongst the trees.

You find yourself sitting around a blazing camp fire, sipping a refreshing drink or enjoying a sumptuous meal, and glowing inside and outside.

. . . is this your idea of heaven?

If so, Ohange is for you . . .

Situated 28km north of Otavi in the heart of the Otavi Mountains, Ohange Lodge is a mountain retreat shaded by large Marula and Tamboti trees, overlooking a landscape as breathtaking as it is peaceful.

Whether you while away the time watching game at the waterhole close to the restaurant and patio, or prefer to soak up the sun on the pool terrace with a refreshing drink in hand, Ohange will refresh your soul and tantalize your senses.

"Ohange" is derived from the Herero word for "peace".


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Ohange Namibia Lodge - Where tranquility and wildlife collide