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Activities at Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

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Welcome to our World !

At Ongula Village Homestead we welcome you to experience our local traditions and life-style.


In the Homestead

  • Participate in the daily routine which has survived for centuries - tasks such as pounding mahangu, cooking on an open fire and herding cattle.
  • Learn how we prepare our traditional meals and drinks - some of which will be served to Guests during their stay.
  • Discover our traditional arts and crafts, such as basket-weaving and making clay pottery. Under the guidance of our experienced craftswomen, you can even make a souvenir to take home with you.


  • Take a walk through the local village and surrounding area.
  • Visit neighbouring homesteads.
  • Enjoy a sundowner with the locals at a local shebeen (pub).
  • Attend the communal court proceedings.

Further Afield

  • Explore the beauty of our region.
  • Ondangwa open-air Markets.
  • Nakambale Museum (13 km southwest of Ondangwa) - a legacy of the Finnish Missionaries who brought Christianity to Namibia.  Founded by Martti Rautanen (nicknamed Nakambale by the locals) whose house and contents comprise the museum.  Fascinating guided tours of the house, the nearby church and cemetery are available.
  • The Pottery Project - Onzimbogo (underground cave studio).  This is a seasonal communal enterprise which produces pottery on a local scale and enables the community to demonstrate and share the ancient local craft of pottery at Ongula Traditional Homestead.  In a ceremony which takes place at the time of the new moon and before sunrise, clay is dug out of the oshanas (depressions in the ground) as they dry up towards winter.  The clay is stored underground, and later used in an onzimbogo to make the traditional round pots.  These are left to dry out for two weeks before being ceremonially baked in a pit under burning cow dung and tree bark - before finishing and decoration for use or for sale.
  • The Onankali Omahangu Paper Project.   The region's low rainfall, high temperatures and poor soil are perfect for mahangu (or pearl millet), making it the staple food of the area.  It is widely used in a variety of dishes and drinks.  It also provides cattle feed and roofing thatch.  In 2002, yet another use for this versatile subsistence crop was found - paper-making.  With original funding from the British Department for International Development and assistance from the Rössing Foundation, a co-operative of twelve members now produces a range of attractive high quality paper products, silk-screened with images from the San Ekoka Art Group and marketed under the brand name Onankali.  Visitors are welcome at the Onankali Trust Centre (55km south-west of Ondangwa on the B1) where the products are manufactured and sold.  The Namibia Craft Centre in Windhoek and Amber Moon (Woermannhaus) in Swakopmund also stock the products.
  • The Oonte Bottle Recycling Project supports 450 orphaned and vulnerable children from the Ondangwa area.  Here glass bottles are transformed into decorative objects and ornaments by the children to earn money which supports them.
  • The Eenhana Shrine is a moving tribute commemorating the many Namibians who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the country's independence.  During building work in 2005, a horrific discovery was made with the unearthing of a mass grave.  Subsequent research revealed that it contained the remains of victims murdered by apartheid forces during the war.  The shrine finally gives the victims the burial they deserved, in three massive tombs encased in black stone, forming the centre-piece of the memorial which was inaugurated by the President on Heroes' Day 2007.  Visit and ponder awhile . . .

Occasional Opportunities

  • Special seasonal events such as the Marula Festival.
  • Traditional weddings.


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