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Welcome to Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

Situated a stone's throw from Ondangwa, north of the world famous Etosha National Park, Ongula Village Homestead Lodge offers an experience like no other in Namibia.  Here you are taken on a cultural journey, exploring traditional Namibian practices, as you meander through fields of mahangu (pearl millet), rest next to Makalani palm trees and visit traditional homes encircled by palisade walls.

With the aim of discovering the beauty, simplicity and dignity of our traditional village way of life, we invite you to look beyond the familiar Namibia of dunes, wildlife and vast landscapes.  Here you will discover the Owambo, a cultured people with a history rich in oral, social and visual elements.

As you interact with us by participating in the traditional daily activities of the homestead and its community, you might fleetingly glimpse fragments of your own world, centuries ahead of what you are doing.  Watch in amazement at the simplicity and sometimes harsh reality of tradition finding its place within modern western society and offering the best of both worlds.

Find yourself at the heart of a hospitable, rural community whose humbleness and welcoming attitude to visitors is part of their traditional culture.  Here you don't simply watch, you will be encouraged to join in and learn the art of basket-weaving, cooking on an open fire, cattle herding and clay-pot making. You can even create your own gift to take home with you.

Your accommodation, a traditional Rondawel (round thatched bungalow), offers all the comforts of home with a touch of luxury and attention to detail, ensuring your comfort amidst the unexplored wilderness and harsh beauty of your surroundings.


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Discover Owamboland !   . . . The Dawn of a New Era                Beyond Dunes and Wildlife . . .