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Welcome to Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

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Nkasa Lupasa Tented Lodge is a miraculous 'oasis' for anyone with an interest in African wildlife - a spectacular location, where the sightings and photo opportunities of your dreams actually come thick and fast, even from your own tent deck, high above the ground.  And when you can finally tear yourself away from the animals, you can be certain the luxury, comfort and facilities of our safari-style accommodation and modern amenities will cosset you in another dream world - of the more relaxing variety.

In our vast country which is predominantly dry, Nkasa Lupala National Park is the largest conserved wetland area, in the eastern section of Caprivi, jutting south into Botswana.  The Park 
boasts flourishing populations of large mammals, many of which are commonly sighted, such as Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Hyena, even the occasional rare African Fish Eagle.

Over 400 bird species
have been recorded in the National Park - more than anywhere else in Namibia - making it a birding hotspot all-year-round!

Then there are the water-based animals, such as Hippos, Crocodiles, Waterbuck, Reedbuck, Sitatunga and Lechwe - or the fascinating smaller creatures which abound everywhere, if you know where to look, and want to . . . ?

For a more exciting wildlife experience still, we offer excursions for small groups - land-based, water-based, near or far, so Guests can return home with unique and unforgettable memories.
We even offer guided walks for 'close encounters' of the ultimate, very special kind.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge is the first and only lodge to be situated close to the National Park.  It is less than 500 metres from the Park's northern unfenced boundary, and wildlife from the Park not only roams free in the surrounding area but also around the Lodge buildings.

The region is largely savannah and woodland, interlaced by a seasonal 'river-delta-scape'.  The rains come early in the year giving rise to higher water levels and localised flooding, both of which gradually recede during the later months.  The ecology of the Nkasa Lupala National Park is almost identical to that of the Okavango Delta in Botswana - but in a smaller, easily accessible area.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge is an ideal stop-over for those touring Caprivi or en-route to or from
Victoria Falls (320 km).  The M125 road is being upgraded to tarred surface and two new bridges have been built between the M125 and the Lodge, making the Lodge easier to reach. 

However, to enjoy Nkasa Lupala to the full, please ensure you stay with us long enough to make the best of all we have to offer.


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Nkasa Lupasa Tented Lodge is a miraculous oasis in African wildlife