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Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

The Kalahari Desert dominates most parts of eastern and south-eastern Namibia. Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch is an oasis in midst of the imposing parallel dunes, conveying an atmosphere of freedom, pristine nature, warmth and safety. As the logo suggests, the ranch values conservation and education. This is why “Pepper” is the four-legged ambassador. Pepper is a female cheetah (Acinonys jubatus). Although a wild animal, the fascinating canine creature is not averse to contact with humans – as long as the latter stick to certain rules important when dealing with wild animals.

Q Rooms

Directly on a nearby sand dune stand our four Dune-Chalets with a breathtaking view in southwest direction over the Kalahari and its flora and fauna. Eight Savannah chalets are located in the valley between the dunes overlooking the Main Lodge. Furthermore, we have six garden rooms in African style and six extensively equipped campsites with private toilets and showers.

The Bagatelle Kalahari Bush Lodge and Boutique Farmhouse is located on the same ground as the Bagatelle Reserve, the opposite Farm where game drives are taking place. From the entrance gate, it takes about 5 minutes’ drive on the sand road into the reserve. The Boutique Farmhouse boasts Four Standard Room of which 2 rooms can take 1 extra bed. Four Luxury Rooms. 1 luxury family suite can take 2 extra beds and other 3 can take 1 extra bed.

Four Dune Chalets

Stand-alone Wooden Chalets standing on stilts on top of the dunes
Unsurpassed views to the south-west, across the dune landscape
En-suite facilities with bath and shower
Coffee/Tea Station, Bar-fridge

Two Dune Exclusive Chalets

Stand-alone Wooden Chalets standing on stilts on top of the dunes
Private splash pools and option for private dining
Unsurpassed views to the south-west, across the dune landscape
En-suite facilities with bath and shower
Coffee/Tea Station , Bar-fridge

Eight Savannah Chalets

Stand-alone Chalets with thick walls built from plastered straw bales, situated in the street between the dunes, with scenic views
En-suite facilities with shower
Coffee/Tea Station Bar-fridge

Despite their different building style, all the Chalet interiors are designed and finished to the same exacting standards of luxury, and equipped to exceed your expectations. D’cor, materials, furnishings, gardens and natural settings, all combine to ensure our Guests live their dream of an African Safari.

Six Adjoining Garden Rooms

En-suite facilities with shower
Ceiling cooling fans
Coffe/Tea Station

Six Individual Campsites

The campsites are situated in one of the streets between the dunes
Each has an ablution block with toilet, shower, washbasin and mirror, fully tiled, gas-fired hot water and romantic paraffin lamp and solar-powered lighting Relax around the campfire
Your very own Kalahari Camping Safari!

Farmhouse Boutique with:
Four Standard Room of which 2 rooms can take 1 extra bed.
Four Luxury Rooms. 1 luxury family suite can take 2 extra beds and other 3 can take 1 extra bed.

Q Adventure

Bagatelle is not limited to be a retrieve on a journey to Sossusvlei… Bagatelle is an independent unique experience. Allow our guides to accompany you through a Kalahari experience and introduce you to unique local fauna and flora.

Fascinating experiences and exciting adventures await guests at Bagatelle.
Morning Activities
07:00 - 09:00 : Morning Scenic Drive
07:00 - 08:30 : Bushman Village Walk
07:30 - 09:30 : Horseback Safari

Afternoon Activities
16:00 - 18:00 : Horseback Safari and Sundowner
16:00 - 18:00 : Combination Drive : Nature drive, Cheetah Excursion, Sundowner Drive
16:00 - 18:00 : Nature Drive and Sundowner
17:00 - 18:00 : Cheetah Excursion and Sundowner

Evening Activities
21:00 - 22:30 : Night Drive
Before/after Dinner : Observatory Star-Gazing

Morning Scenic Drive
As the red dunes and their inhabitants awake and come to life again, discover their magic, their amazing diversity of animal and bird life, and learn about their unique topography and vegetation.

Cheetah Excursion
Come and watch the cheetahs either early in the morning or at evening feeding time - their favourite time of the day! The cheetahs at Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch live with us under the auspices of the Cheetah Conservation Fund*.

Bushman Village Walk
A relaxing walk with local San Bushmen who will share with guests some of the secrets of their ancient practices and survival skills, handed down from their forefathers. At their traditional bushman village, a typical family will demonstrate aspects of a centuries old way-of-life, including how they stored water in ostrich eggs, used plants for medicinal use, set traps and made ostrich and bead jewellery, etc. A truly unforgettable experience - not to be missed.

Horseback Safari
Bagatelle has a variety of horses suitable for children, beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Guests can experience the silence of the Kalahari, broken only by the sounds of nature, while riding our well-trained quarter horses (cowboy horses) and accompanied by a guide. After the exhilaration of the ride through the blazing red dunes, a cool drink served in an ostrich egg-shell makes a welcome refreshment, before heading back to the ranch.

Combination Drive
Our 'Combi-Drive' provides the essential elements of three popular activities: Cheetah Viewing or Feeding, a Nature Drive and the traditional Sundowner, taken on top of a dune, as the sun's rays fade away from the dunes.

Sundowner Drive
There can be no better way to end the daylight hours than by watching the dying rays of the sun as they re-draw the landscape in ever-changing colours, especially with a cool sundowner in your hand.

Observatory Star-Gazing
View the spectacular Southern Hemisphere Sky from the Bagatelle Observatory using a state-of-the-art computerized telescope. Planets, brilliant star clusters, galaxies and the Moon will all be revealed in amazing clarity and detail by our Resident Astronomer.

Night Drive
See another aspect of the Kalahari after night has fallen, and spot an entirely different range of animals and creatures as they roam their territories, hunting for prey or carrying out other nightly activities. After darkness falls, so does the temperature, so a warming night-cap will be very welcome before settling down in your bed for the night to dream of the day's amazing sights and experiences.

*Cheetah Conservation Fund
Because of their individual histories, it is impossible for any of these captive animals ever to be released and to survive in the wild, so we care for them in order to guarantee them the best possible quality of life. Their enclosures and facilities have been built to exceed all current regulations set by the CCF and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Q Wedding

Namibia is considered a real insider tip to make your wedding a very special and unforgettable experience. Here at the Bagatelle Lodge, bridal couples say yes to each other on the back of a red dune in a romantic little wedding arbour. You will be married while the warm desert wind surrounds you and the silence of the Kalahari captivates you and your guests – your wedding can hardly be closer to nature and more romantic.

Q Driving Directions

Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch is situated approximately 50Km from Mariental amid the red rolling dunes of the Kalahari Desert.

From Windhoek and the north:-

Take the B1 main tarred road southwards, past Rehoboth and Kalkrand. Approximately 12km before you reach Mariental, turn left at the large intersection with the tarred C20 road which then takes you eastwards.

After about 12km, take the first left turn on to the D1268 gravel road. Continue northwards for roughly 25km until you reach the sign indicating Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch on the right hand side of the road. The Ranch is another 3 - 4km into the dunes, where a warm welcome awaits you.

From Keetmanshoop and the south:-

Take the B1 main tarred road northward, past Mariental. About 12km further, turn right at the large intersection with the C20 tarred road which then takes you eastwards. Now follow the directions in the paragraph above to reach Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch.

Q Facilities

The Lodge Buildings
The nerve centre of the Lodge is an old rambling farmhouse, rebuilt and renovated to serve as reception area, lounge, dining room, bar, cellar, library and office, as well as a residence.

Swimming Pool
Relax in the sun by the bright sparkling pool, or nearby in a hammock in the recreational area, then take an occasional dip to cool down.

A wide selection of books related to Africa and its flora and fauna, plus a collection of over 100 videos on African wildlife.

Our resident Astronomer will be delighted to show you the marvels of the brilliantly clear night sky using the state-of-the-art computerised telescope installed in the Observatory. See the moon and stars more brightly and clearly than you ever have before!

Open Air Lapa
Our Lapa (wind-break or shelter), used for outdoor meals, captures the atmosphere of an African Safari.

Our chef will tease your tastebuds with delicious meals morning, noon and night. Our cellar holds an excellent selection of South African wines together with an extensive range of brandy, whisky, cognac and liqueurs.

Snacks and Drinks
Coffee, tea, snacks, drinks available all day long from our honour bar.

Cheetah Conservation
Take the opportunity to discover, appreciate and love these amazing creatures kept in our care in enclosures close to the Recreation area.

Q Overview

A little miracle set amidst the glowing red dunes of the Kalahari Desert

The French word "bagatelle" translates as a trifle - "something small, of little consequence, not very important".

When you visit the southern Kalahari, the word "Bagatelle" might possibly be interpreted as
a little miracle - a life-enhancing experience springing from the glowing red dunes of this arid, fiery desert.

For this is what has been achieved at Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch - a permanent, man-made reflection of the miracle that transforms the dry desert into a brief blaze of living colour after rainfall.

Built amid and atop the huge red parallel Kalahari dunes, Bagatelle's luxury chalets and rooms stand defiant against the relentless sun and the searing wind. Inside they exude charm, tranquility and creature comforts to pamper you during your stay, ensuring you lack nothing, yet still experience an exhilarating thrill reminiscent of the traditional Safari Experience, the Spirit of Africa and The Final Frontier, all in one.

Once you drag yourself away from your chalet or room, we have other delights to tempt you. More relaxation comes by way of a hammock at the side of the swimming pool. Or relax with a cool drink close to the waterhole, keeping your eyes peeled and binoculars ready, for visiting animals.

Another option is a nature drive to explore the amazing beauty of the unique red dunes, or a sundowner atop a dune as the sun dies, adding its own ever-changing colour and drama to the landscape. And we haven't even mentioned the cheetahs . . .

Coupled with our gracious, charming service these, and more, are the unforgettable memories our Guests take away from Bagatelle.