Company Profile

Reservation Destination was founded in 2003 by Suzanne Bonitz and Zenobia Kusch.

At that time, their aim was to supply badly needed professional representation, both locally and abroad, for Lodge Owners and other Tourist Related Businesses based in Namibia.

The Company is based in Namibia with the intention of sustainable expansion of its marketing operations into Southern Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe, Australia and USA, in order to raise the profile of the Namibian Tourist Industry in a wider marketplace eager for the Product.

Reservation Destination will have no affiliation to any tour operating company, ensuring equality of service to all and ensuring their support and, in turn, they will be evaluated according to their performance.

Our Team is drawn from the travel business, and its experience is evident in its determination, dedication and stable relationships with the local tourism bodies. The focus and ethos of our business is concentrated on offering a specialised, highly personalised service both to the industry and to the consumer. With them, we consider ourselves members of an extended team.

Services provided by Reservation Destination include:

Why choose Reservation Destination?

Our ambition is to establish Namibia as a leading tourist destination.
We are an experienced dynamic company with a proven capability to increase occupancy.
We understand each product is unique, we are professional in our approach and we know the unwritten rules of our industry.
We are more likely to succeed as a Team than as individual service/ product suppliers. We are an extension of our clients' business.
We ensure Guests are accurately informed, leaving the Lodge Team to provide the unforgettable holiday experience.

Choose a team that has your best interest at heart
and believes that your business is our business.

We can only be as successful as you want your business to be . . .


May we help ?

For all questions or enquiries, please use our Live Chat facility at the bottom of this page
for direct assistance.
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