Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

Nkasa Lupala tented lodge is built on the banks of one of the many channels of the Kwando-Linyanti river system. This unique Namibian wetland paradise in the Zambezi Region (Caprivi), is commonly known as Mamili and was recently renamed Nkasa Rupara National Park.

The lodge and the Wuparo conservancy are part of the successful and award winning Namibian conservancy program.
At Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge be ready to experience a true Sustainable holiday.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge is a joint venture between the private sector and the Wuparo Conservancy that is part of the successful and award winning Namibian conservancies program followed by IRDNC and WWF.

Q The Lodge

Nkasa Lupasa Tented Lodge is a miraculous 'oasis' for anyone with an interest in African wildlife - a spectacular location, where the sightings and photo opportunities of your dreams actually come thick and fast, even from your own tent deck, high above the ground. And when you can finally tear yourself away from the animals, you can be certain the luxury, comfort and facilities of our safari-style accommodation and modern amenities will cosset you in another dream world - of the more relaxing variety.

In our vast country which is predominantly dry, Nkasa Rupara National Park is the largest conserved wetland area, in the eastern section of Zambezi, jutting south into Botswana. The Park boasts flourishing populations of large mammals, many of which are commonly sighted, such as Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Hyena, even the occasional rare African Fish Eagle.

Over 400 bird species have been recorded in the National Park - more than anywhere else in Namibia - making it a birding hotspot all-year-round!

Then there are the water-based animals, such as Hippos, Crocodiles, Waterbuck, Reedbuck, Sitatunga and Lechwe - or the fascinating smaller creatures which abound everywhere, if you know where to look, and want to . . . ?

For a more exciting wildlife experience still, we offer excursions for small groups - land-based, water-based, near or far, so Guests can return home with unique and unforgettable memories.
We even offer guided walks for 'close encounters' of the ultimate, very special kind.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge is the first and only lodge to be situated close to the National Park. It is less than 500 metres from the Park's northern unfenced boundary, and wildlife from the Park not only roams free in the surrounding area but also around the Lodge buildings.

The region is largely Savannah and woodland, interlaced by a seasonal 'river-delta-scape'. The rains come early in the year giving rise to higher water levels and localised flooding, both of which gradually recede during the later months. The ecology of the Nkasa Lupala National Park is almost identical to that of the Okavango Delta in Botswana - but in a smaller, easily accessible area.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge is an ideal stop-over for those touring Caprivi or en-route to or from
Victoria Falls (320 km). The M125 road is being upgraded to tarred surface and two new bridges have been built between the M125 and the Lodge, making the Lodge easier to reach.

However, to enjoy Nkasa Lupala to the full, please ensure you stay with us long enough to make the best of all we have to offer.

Q Activities

From our activities rather than the quantity you should expect the quality of sightings and the privilege of visiting one of the most remote and exclusive area in the region.
We are located in a unique wetland area and we do have a great difference of sightings between seasons.

Game Drives
We conduct our drives in the Nkasa Rupara NP (Mamili) and Wuparo Conservancy.
Sighting is this drives include Elephants, Buffalo, Hippo, Lions, Leopard, Impala, Kudu, Zebra and wildebeest.

Combo Drive+Boat 5h
This is our highlight! Don’t miss the opportunity to have a game drive and a exclusive cruise on the Linyanti river. This is one of the most unexplored areas of Namibia. Animal sighting differs from the season. Winter is the season wen Elephants migrate in great numbers into Namibia from Botswana.

Village visit
We conduct our guest to visit a homestead part of the Wuparo Conservancy. We also go to the local school and if possible we visit the local Traditional Authority. This should be a real experience and we chance homestead every visit.

Walking Safari
Our Walking safari is conducted by our guides and a armed community ranger. This experience requires a certain degree of physical fitness. The activity is subject to safety conditions.

Q Facilities

All the accommodation and communal facilities at Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge are built above ground and provide excellent views of any animals which meander around the Lodge grounds. You will never be far from a suitable viewpoint!

There is an additional, purpose-built look-out platform built on to the main buildings in a prime position overlooking a significant portion of the surrounding area.

You are always close to the natural environment - never far from the action!

Wi-Fi internet connection is available throughout the communal areas which comprise dining area, lounge, bar and reception area.

The Restaurant
Guests are invited to eat together, family style, around a single table. Any who do not speak the common language may sit separately if they prefer, but our experience is that most wish to join in the conversation and discussions which usually centre upon personal and often very exciting experiences enjoyed during the day.

A buffet style continental breakfast spread comprising meat, cheese, bread, fruit and juice, plus the option of eggs and bacon, etc. cooked to order.

A light, two course set menu.

Afternoon Tea
Freshly baked cake is served at 16:00, accompanied by tea or coffee which is also available all day, along with snacks in the lounge area.

Three course set menu

A Brief History of Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge
The Lodge is the culmination of a long term joint venture between private sector interests, Wuparo Conservancy, which is part of the award winning Namibian conservancies programme, IRDNC (Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation) and the World Wildlife Fund. As such the Lodge supports the local population, conserves the environment and animal population, and encourages Eco-Tourism, providing a sustainable future for all these ambitions.

From the very beginning, the Lodge was designed to be eco-friendly and construction was carried out under strict controls to ensure minimum ecological impact. The buildings are fabricated where possible from naturally occurring materials which blend harmoniously with the environment, yet provide all the comfort of modern amenities and facilities to make your stay with us as relaxing as possible. The Lodge is totally self-sufficient in energy, using solar power for all water heating and electricity.

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge was officially opened in July 2011.

Q Accommodation

Eight Luxury Tents on Stilts
Tents built of steel, canvas and wood, on teak platforms supported by stilts
The platforms, shaded by the tent canopy, serve as wildlife viewing decks
Large sliding windows allow you to wake to an amazing vista and to view wildlife from inside the tent if you prefer
Proper doors
Stylish and functional en-suite shower facilities
Twin beds (combined for double)
Storage space, table and chairs
Elevated walkways to communal buildings

One Luxury Family Tent
As above but sleeping 2 adults and 2 children

One Honeymoon Suite Tent
Large double bed
More spacious tent
Open-air bath
Additional luxury touches

Sleeping under canvas you may occasionally hear the sound of wildlife nearby, the unmistakable sound of lions roaring at the dead of night, or elephants treading gently through the undergrowth, perhaps rumbling their ultra low frequency messages to each other on the way.

Let the sounds of the African night lull you to sleep and wake to the dawn chorus of a thousand voices.

Return home with these magical memories, never to be forgotten.